Guitar Repair Specialist Carlton North



If you’ve had a stroke of bad luck with your guitar giving up on you all of a sudden, you can rest assured that there is no cause of worry at all. Just so you know, Colourtone Guitars happens to be one of the most trusted services out there having provided a wide plethora of different guitar services to a host of people out there over the years. Our reputation for the best service has spread across Melbourne far and wide having gained a considerable number of loyal customers. All it takes is a single call from your end our technicians will handle the rest.

























When it comes to the fine art of constructing guitars from scratch, you can be sure of the fact that we have the entire process thoroughly sorted out for you from every possible angle. After all, there is no doubt of the fact that you deserve the absolute best quality services when it comes to constructing the best guitar for you.


Not only will our luthiers make sure that each and every single aspect of construction is done to the highest quality and satisfaction, but there is also the fact that the most top-of-the-line guitar parts will make up the overall framework of your newly-made guitar.



Ryan Wittstadt is the founder of Colourtone Guitars, Melbourne’s finest guitar repair specialist.

Trained in repairing and maintaining guitars by one of Australia’s top luthiers- James Cargill, with whom a vast array of skills would be shared, learned and honed over 7 years at Cargill Custom Guitars; a name synonymous with Australia’s music industry.



When you take your guitar to a service centre, you would ideally want to have a bunch of thoroughbred experts working on it to make sure that every repair problem is sorted out to perfection. The moment you call us, we will ensure that the problem is handled by the most trusted experts in our team. And no, we aren’t talking about the kind of services that insist a day is all they need to completely fix things up. Different problems and processes take their own time and no other service out there understands that fact better than we do.