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General and specialist repairs for all types of fretted instruments.

Adjustments to the finest tolerance over second-to-none fretwork.

From the tones of your idols to looks from outer-space; own the guitar you love
to play. 

At Colourtone Guitars we offer a wide range of guitar services like repairs, setups and customization.  All our services are fairly priced. Call us today for any query.


  • Guitar repairs : Repairs are an aspect that needs complete and thorough inspection because if things go wrong, the process could very well be irreversible and the damage permanent. Not at all a desirable situation for anyone concerned. This is where we excel in every regard.

  • Guitar setup : Getting one of the best guitar models out there is all well and good, but that is only a part of the equation. One of the aspects that will really determine your playing style and growth as a guitarists is your overall guitar setup. Colourtone Guitars will ensure that some of the best guitar playing devices will be a part of your overall setup.

  • Guitar customization : What can be better than getting hold of a guitar that you can be proud to call your very own hand-crafted instrument? Sure beats buying the guitar of your dreams as the customisation aspect does add a level of personal class to the process that is hard to find elsewhere.

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