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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the maximum amount of time taken to fix a guitar, either acoustic or electric?
    A: A electric guitar will take a longer time of about 2-3 days to be thoroughly fixed due to the presence of more guitar parts, while an acoustic would take about 1-2- days to fix. Again, this also depends on the severity of the problem at hand.

  • Q: How many technicians do you have at your shop and what are their individual specialities?
    A: We have four technicians working at our shop and two of them are guitar repair technicians while the other two mainly specialise in the expertise of guitar equipment like analog pedals, guitar cables, amplifiers and the like.

  • Q: How do you know whether a guitar needs a thorough level of service or not?
    A: Firstly, a proper examination of the instrument is done on the first day and depending on that, we decide whether it requires only a day’s work or more time to fix.

  • Q: Do you specialise in the provision of multiple types of strings?
    A: Yes we do. Be it the classic Ernie Ball, Dea Markley, Fender or D;Addario, rest assured of the fact that whatever your strings needs may be, we have it all sorted out for you.

  • Q: How does one know when something is wrong with a guitar?
    A: There are a great many problems that plague the electric and acoustic guitar alike, but the most immediate ones mainly end up being excessively high string action, constant string buzzing and even problems with the guitar output (more serious).

  • Q: Should I know about every part of the guitar?
    A: Ideally, yes. That way, whenever something does go wrong, you will also be able to explain the problem to us a lot better, which in turn, would enable us to tackle the issue a lot faster.

  • Q: When is the right time to make a guitar upgrade?
    A: There is really no “right time” as such. When you feel you have progressed and learned enough to the point where your current guitar is not meeting all of your needs, that is the right time to make a change.

  • Q: Do you also have a wide range of guitar accessories as well.
    A: Certainly, we do. Apart from an array of various guitar processors and amps by Fender, Boss, Mesa Boogie and the like, we also have a number of analog pedals for you to choose from as well.

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