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Having been stalwarts in the guitar repair service for several years now, we at Colourtone Guitars pride ourselves on the fact that we have some of the most esteemed and gifted guitar technicians and luthiers in our team of today. It is no mean feat that we managed to build an extremely loyal and long-standing customer base over the years as well.

Starting out as a private workshop, we have indeed come a long way in bringing some of the finest guitar services right to your doorstep in Melbourne. We hold the aspects of exceptionality and expertise in the highest possible regard and strive to create an intimate, wholesome and satisfying experience for every customer out there.


Why you should choose us for Guitar Repair Services in Melbourne

Sure, there are a great many guitar service centres out there for one to choose from, so why should you pick us in particular? If you find yourself asking that question, it is time for you to know why exactly we stand head and shoulders above most of the competition.

For starters, we emphasize on the need for the technician and the person to have a proper one-on-one conversation about the state of the guitar so that the root of the problem can be dealt with in the least amount of time possible. Then, things can be taken forward properly in a systematic manner along with the layout of a certain time-frame as to how long the process is estimated to take. There are no shortcuts taken when we are dealing with a problem, only honesty and hard work till the job is complete.

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