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Guitar String Repair in Melbourne

Contrary to popular belief, string repair is anything but a easy or straightforward task. Many things have to be taken into consideration from the very start of the process and there can be no question of compromise on the sheer expert level of the professionals at work. A single slip-up would mean that the whole process would need to be started all over again.


To create a mistake-free environment, we pride ourselves on the fact that our team consists of some of the most experienced string professionals on the market, who will do everything needed from restringing to refretting in order to make sure that your beloved axe is restored to its former glory in every way.



When things go wrong with your strings, one is rarely able to predict what may happen. Plus the problem may get even worse if it is not taken care of as soon as possible. Hence, we fit the bill perfectly as one must make sure that a reliable and trusted services is around at all times to attend to the problem at the earliest.


In our team, we have some of the most dedicated professionals in Carlton to ensure that you will be able to play your guitar with the same smooth feel and ease that you did when you first laid your hands on it.


At Colourtone Guitars, we understand just how strenuous it must be to not only get the services of a professional string repair specialist, but also explaining the problem in detail is where a lot of us falter. However, there is no cause of worry as our technicians have been handling an array of repair cases in Melbourne for a long time now, giving them the ability to recognise serious cases from mild ones.


All you have to do is get in touch with our team at the earliest and everything will be sorted out for you in the blink of an eye. We have it all at your disposal from the choicest guitar parts, strings and accessories as well.

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